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2005 season:
Kanto League
Kanto League
Kansai League

2004 season:
Rice Bowl
Japan X Bowl
Koshien Bowl
Kanto League
Kansai League

Japan-USA Bowl 2005

Rice Bowl Scores
Japan X Bowl Scores
Koshien Bowl Scores
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X League Division I 2004

Week 1
9/10Kajima DeersIBM BigBlue45-14
9/11Asahi Beer Silver StarAll Mitsubishi Lions19-14
9/13Penta-Ocean Construction PiratesGakusei-Engokai Rocbull17-20
Week 2
9/23Penta-Ocean Construction PiratesAll Mitsubishi Lions21-24
9/25Kajima DeersGakusei-Engokai Rocbull24-7
9/25IBM BigBlueAsahi Beer Silver Star3-16
Week 3
10/4Kajima DeersAll Mitsubishi Lions20-0
10/5Gakusei-Engokai RocbullIBM BigBlue25-27
10/10Asahi Beer Silver StarPenta-Ocean Construction Pirates21-7
Week 4
10/23Asahi Beer Silver StarGakusei-Engokai Rocbull7-3
10/24Kajima DeersPenta-Ocean Construction Pirates21-7
10/24All Mitsubishi LionsIBM BigBlue13-13
Week 5
11/2Kajima DeersAsahi Beer Silver Star20-0
11/7Penta-Ocean Construction PiratesIBM BigBlue32-3
11/7All Mitsubishi LionsGakusei-Engokai Rocbull16-16
Kajima Deers5001302810
Asahi Beer Silver Star41063478
All Mitsubishi Lions12267894
IBM BigBlue131601313
Gakusei-Engokai Rocbull13171913
Penta-Ocean Construction Pirates14084892
Week 1
9/12Onward SkylarksTōkyō Gas Creators62-19
9/14Nissan SkylinersClub Huskies31-3
9/15Obic SeagullsFujitsu Frontiers27-24
Week 2
9/23Onward SkylarksNissan Skyliners55-14
9/23Obic SeagullsClub Huskies77-3
9/25Fujitsu FrontiersTōkyō Gas Creators35-10
Week 3
10/6Onward SkylarksFujitsu Frontiers33-14
10/9Tōkyō Gas CreatorsClub Huskies24-21
10/11Obic SeagullsNissan Skyliners38-7
Week 4
10/23Onward SkylarksClub Huskies91-3
10/23Obic SeagullsTōkyō Gas Creators55-0
10/24Fujitsu FrontiersNissan Skyliners22-24
Week 5
11/1Onward SkylarksObic Seagulls17-6
11/6Fujitsu FrontiersClub Huskies80-14
11/6Nissan SkylinersTōkyō Gas Creators66-6
Onward Skylarks5002585610
Obic Seagulls410203518
Nissan Skyliners3201421246
Fujitsu Frontiers2301751084
Tōkyō Gas Creators140592392
Club Huskies050443030
Week 1
9/12Naigai Denki MarviesMatsushita Denko Impulse0-45
9/12Asahi Soft Drinks ChallengersFinies Football Club27-19
9/12As One Black EaglesHankyu Bruins37-0
Week 2
9/26Matsushita Denko ImpulseHankyu Bruins68-0
9/26Asahi Soft Drinks ChallengersNaigai Denki Marvies14-6
9/26As One Black EaglesFinies Football Club37-14
Week 3
10/9Matsushita Denko ImpulseFinies Football Club23-0
10/9Asahi Soft Drinks ChallengersAs One Black Eagles36-7
10/9Naigai Denki MarviesHankyu Bruins23-0
Week 4
10/23Matsushita Denko ImpulseAs One Black Eagles38-0
10/24Asahi Soft Drinks ChallengersHankyu Bruins35-0
10/24Naigai Denki MarviesFinies Football Club13-10
Week 5
11/6As One Black EaglesNaigai Denki Marvies12-7
11/6Matsushita Denko ImpulseAsahi Soft Drinks Challengers20-19
11/6Hankyu BruinsFinies Football Club6-31
Matsushita Denko Impulse5001941910
Asahi Soft Drinks Challengers410131528
As One Black Eagles32093956
Naigai Denki Marvies23049814
Finies Football Club140741062
Hankyu Bruins05061940
Final 6
Wild Card Games
11/21Asahi Soft Drinks ChallengersAsahi Beer Silver Star7-10
11/21Kajima DeersObic Seagulls3-10
12/4Onward SkylarksAsahi Beer Silver Starot 10-13
12/5Matsushita Denko ImpulseObic Seagulls10-7
Japan X Bowl
12/18Matsushita Denko ImpulseAsahi Beer Silver Star15-6
Rice Bowl
1/3Matsushita Denko ImpulseRitsumeikan University Panthers26-7
12/4Hankyu BruinsIwatani Sidewinders15-24
12/11Penta-Ocean Construction PiratesTōkyō MPD Eagles60-0
12/11Club HuskiesRenesas Hurricanes33-41

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