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Kantō League Division I 2009

The Kantō League is the college football league in East-Japan. The champion of the Kantō League, determined in the Clash Bowl, plays against the champion of the Kansai League for the college championship in the Kōshien Bowl in December. The college champion then plays against the champion of the X League for the japanese national championship in the Rice Bowl on January 3.

Conference A
Week 1
9/6Hōsei University TomahawksHitotsubashi University Crimson86-6
9/6Keiō University UnicornsTōkai University Tritons51-0
9/6NSSU Triumphant LionTōkyō University Warriors14-27
9/6Meiji University GriffinsYokohama National University Mastiffs42-3
Week 2
9/19Keiō University UnicornsTōkyō University Warriors49-14
9/19Hōsei University TomahawksYokohama National University Mastiffs62-17
9/20NSSU Triumphant LionTōkai University Tritons17-10
9/20Meiji University GriffinsHitotsubashi University Crimson37-0
Week 3
9/27Keiō University UnicornsYokohama National University Mastiffs58-21
9/27Hōsei University TomahawksTōkyō University Warriors42-14
9/27NSSU Triumphant LionHitotsubashi University Crimson45-14
9/27Meiji University GriffinsTōkai University Tritons68-12
Week 4
10/10NSSU Triumphant LionYokohama National University Mastiffs30-28
10/10Meiji University GriffinsTōkyō University Warriors35-10
10/10Hōsei University TomahawksTōkai University Tritons56-0
10/11Keiō University UnicornsHitotsubashi University Crimson1-0
Week 5
10/18Tōkai University TritonsHitotsubashi University Crimson23-13
10/18Meiji University GriffinsNSSU Triumphant Lion37-14
10/18Hōsei University TomahawksKeiō University Unicorns21-13
10/18Tōkyō University WarriorsYokohama National University Mastiffs51-24
Week 6
10/31Tōkai University TritonsYokohama National University Mastiffs23-3
10/31Hōsei University TomahawksNSSU Triumphant Lion42-14
10/31Meiji University GriffinsKeiō University Unicorns20-14
11/1Tōkyō University WarriorsHitotsubashi University Crimson41-21
Week 7
11/8Tōkai University TritonsTōkyō University Warriors19-24
11/8NSSU Triumphant LionKeiō University Unicorns0-45
11/8Hōsei University TomahawksMeiji University Griffins35-28
11/8Yokohama National University MastiffsHitotsubashi University Crimson20-23
Hōsei University Tomahawks7003449221
Meiji University Griffins6102678818
Keiō University Unicorns5202317615
Tōkyō University Warriors43018120412
Nippon Sports Science Uni. Triumphant Lion3401342039
Tōkai University Tritons250872326
Hitotsubashi University Crimson160772433
Yokohama National University Mastiffs0701162890
Conference B
Week 1
9/5Chūō University RaccoonsKantō Gakuin University Hurricanes57-14
9/5Senshū University Green MachineTeikyō University Assassins15-10
9/5Waseda University Big BearsRikkyō University Rushers17-10
9/5Nihon University PhoenixKokushikan University Rhinoceros35-10
Week 2
9/12Senshū University Green MachineKantō Gakuin University Hurricanes6-23
9/13Chūō University RaccoonsTeikyō University Assassins24-0
9/13Waseda University Big BearsKokushikan University Rhinoceros3-7
9/13Nihon University PhoenixRikkyō University Rushers56-20
Week 3
9/26Senshū University Green MachineKokushikan University Rhinocerosot 27-21
9/26Waseda University Big BearsKantō Gakuin University Hurricanes43-6
9/26Nihon University PhoenixTeikyō University Assassins56-13
9/26Chūō University RaccoonsRikkyō University Rushers31-21
Week 4
10/3Chūō University RaccoonsKokushikan University Rhinoceros34-21
10/4Senshū University Green MachineRikkyō University Rushers0-1
10/4Waseda University Big BearsTeikyō University Assassins57-0
10/4Nihon University PhoenixKantō Gakuin University Hurricanes56-6
Week 5
10/17Teikyō University AssassinsRikkyō University Rushers21-31
10/17Kantō Gakuin University HurricanesKokushikan University Rhinoceros14-17
10/17Waseda University Big BearsSenshū University Green Machineot 21-14
10/17Nihon University PhoenixChūō University Raccoons35-6
Week 6
10/24Teikyō University AssassinsKokushikan University Rhinoceros28-18
10/24Kantō Gakuin University HurricanesRikkyō University Rushers10-17
10/25Nihon University PhoenixSenshū University Green Machine65-0
10/25Waseda University Big BearsChūō University Raccoons14-11
Week 7
11/7Kantō Gakuin University HurricanesTeikyō University Assassins24-21
11/7Senshū University Green MachineChūō University Raccoons9-14
11/7Nihon University PhoenixWaseda University Big Bears21-24
11/8Rikkyō University RushersKokushikan University Rhinoceros18-22
Waseda University Big Bears6101796918
Nihon University Phoenix6103247918
Chūō University Raccoons52017711415
Kokushikan University Rhinoceros3401161599
Rikkyō University Rushers3401181579
Kantō Gakuin University Hurricanes250972176
Senshū University Green Machine250711556
Teikyō University Assassins160932253
Clash Bowl Series Semifinals
11/15Hōsei University TomahawksOtaru Uni. of Commerce Tomahawks57-13
11/15Waseda University Big BearsSendai University Silver Falcons59-12
Clash Bowl
11/29Hōsei University TomahawksWaseda University Big Bears38-11
Kōshien Bowl
12/13Hōsei University TomahawksKansai University Kaisers38-50
Rice Bowl
1/3Kajima DeersKansai University Kaisers19-16
12/19Hitotsubashi University CrimsonTōkyō City University Helios9-3
12/19Yokohama National University MastiffsKomazawa University Blue Tide13-39
12/20Senshū University Green MachineAoyama Gakuin University Lightning15-13
12/20Teikyō University AssassinsKanagawa University Atomsot 14-15

Chūō, Hitotsubashi, Hōsei, Kokushikan, Meiji, Nihon, NSSU, Rikkyō, Senshū, Teikyō, Tōkai, Tōkyō, Waseda (all Tōkyō), Kantō Gakuin, Keiō, Yokohama National (all Yokohama)
In the Kantō League the winner gets three points.

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