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Kantō League Division I 2006

The Kantō League is the college football league in East-Japan. The champion of the Kantō League, determined in the Clash Bowl, plays against the champion of the Kansai League for the college championship in the Kōshien Bowl in December. The college champion then plays against the champion of the X League for the japanese national championship in the Rice Bowl on January 3.

Conference A
Week 1
9/2NSSU Triumphant LionHitotsubashi University Crimson28-14
9/2Keiō University UnicornsKantō Gakuin University Hurricanes17-3
9/3Rikkyō University RushersTsukuba University Excaliburs13-14
9/3Meiji University GriffinsTōkyō University Warriors16-10
Week 2
9/17NSSU Triumphant LionTsukuba University Excaliburs35-7
9/17Keiō University UnicornsTōkyō University Warriors37-20
9/18Rikkyō University RushersHitotsubashi University Crimson6-36
9/18Meiji University GriffinsKantō Gakuin University Hurricanes10-3
Week 3
9/30NSSU Triumphant LionTōkyō University Warriors35-24
9/30Keiō University UnicornsTsukuba University Excaliburs29-3
10/1Rikkyō University RushersKantō Gakuin University Hurricanes13-28
10/1Meiji University GriffinsHitotsubashi University Crimson0-20
Week 4
10/8Rikkyō University RushersTōkyō University Warriors21-41
10/8Meiji University GriffinsTsukuba University Excaliburs23-0
10/9NSSU Triumphant LionKantō Gakuin University Hurricanes44-7
10/9Keiō University UnicornsHitotsubashi University Crimson10-8
Week 5
10/21Meiji University GriffinsRikkyō University Rushers42-14
10/21Tsukuba University ExcalibursTōkyō University Warriors10-23
10/22Keiō University UnicornsNSSU Triumphant Lion17-14
10/22Hitotsubashi University CrimsonKantō Gakuin University Hurricanes17-10
Week 6
11/3Hitotsubashi University CrimsonTōkyō University Warriors17-14
11/3Keiō University UnicornsRikkyō University Rushers35-28
11/3Tsukuba University ExcalibursKantō Gakuin University Hurricanes14-14
11/4Meiji University GriffinsNSSU Triumphant Lion21-0
Week 7
11/18Kantō Gakuin University HurricanesTōkyō University Warriors13-7
11/18Tsukuba University ExcalibursHitotsubashi University Crimson28-19
11/23NSSU Triumphant LionRikkyō University Rushers55-26
11/23Meiji University GriffinsKeiō University Unicorns7-14
Keiō University Unicorns7001598321
Meiji University Griffins5201196115
Nippon Sports Science Uni. Triumphant Lion52021111615
Hitotsubashi University Crimson4301319612
Kantō Gakuin University Hurricanes241781227
Tsukuba University Excaliburs241761567
Tōkyō University Warriors2501391496
Rikkyō University Rushers0701212530
Conference B
Week 1
9/9Nihon University PhoenixYokohama National University Mastiffs42-0
9/9Waseda University Big BearsTeikyō University Assassins48-7
9/10Senshū University Green MachineChūō University Raccoons20-52
9/10Hōsei University TomahawksKanagawa University Atoms57-0
Week 2
9/23Senshū University Green MachineYokohama National University Mastiffs27-7
9/23Hōsei University TomahawksTeikyō University Assassins123-0
9/24Nihon University PhoenixChūō University Raccoons31-26
9/24Waseda University Big BearsKanagawa University Atoms42-0
Week 3
10/7Nihon University PhoenixKanagawa University Atoms41-14
10/7Waseda University Big BearsChūō University Raccoons38-23
10/7Hōsei University TomahawksYokohama National University Mastiffs77-0
10/8Senshū University Green MachineTeikyō University Assassins28-0
Week 4
10/14Waseda University Big BearsYokohama National University Mastiffs28-10
10/15Senshū University Green MachineKanagawa University Atoms14-28
10/15Nihon University PhoenixTeikyō University Assassins84-0
10/15Hōsei University TomahawksChūō University Raccoons20-3
Week 5
10/28Chūō University RaccoonsKanagawa University Atoms27-8
10/28Yokohama National University MastiffsTeikyō University Assassins9-7
10/29Hōsei University TomahawksSenshū University Green Machine34-11
10/29Waseda University Big BearsNihon University Phoenix28-20
Week 6
11/4Yokohama National University MastiffsKanagawa University Atoms29-27
11/4Chūō University RaccoonsTeikyō University Assassins118-7
11/5Hōsei University TomahawksNihon University Phoenix35-13
11/5Waseda University Big BearsSenshū University Green Machine14-31
Week 7
11/18Teikyō University AssassinsKanagawa University Atoms6-21
11/19Chūō University RaccoonsYokohama National University Mastiffs70-12
11/19Nihon University PhoenixSenshū University Green Machine45-13
11/23Hōsei University TomahawksWaseda University Big Bears41-14
Hōsei University Tomahawks7003874121
Waseda University Big Bears52021213215
Nihon University Phoenix52027611615
Chūō University Raccoons43031913612
Senshū University Green Machine3401441809
Yokohama National University Mastiffs250672786
Kanagawa University Atoms250982166
Teikyō University Assassins070274310
Clash Bowl
12/3Hōsei University TomahawksKeiō University Unicorns49-13
Kōshien Bowl
12/17Hōsei University TomahawksKwansei Gakuin University Fighters45-43
12/9Tōkyō University WarriorsTōkai University Tritons9-6
12/9Rikkyō University RushersTōkyō Gukugei University Snails20-14
12/10Kanagawa University AtomsMusashi Institute of Technology Helios7-15
12/10Teikyō University AssassinsAoyama Gakuin University Lightning21-17

Chūō, Hitotsubashi, Hōsei, Meiji, Nihon, Nippon Sports Science, Rikkyō, Senshū, Teikyō, Tōkyō, Waseda (all Tōkyō), Kantō Gakuin, Keiō, Yokohama National (all Yokohama), Kanagawa (Kanagawa),
Tsukuba (Tsukuba).
In the Kantō League the winner gets three points.

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