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Kantō League Division I 2005

The Kantō League is the college football league in East-Japan. The champion of the Kantō League, determined through playoff games between the two top teams of the two conferences (A and B), plays against the champion of the Kansai League for the college championship in the Kōshien Bowl in December. The college champion then plays against the champion of the X League for the japanese national championship in the Rice Bowl on January 3.

Conference A
Week 1
9/10NSSU Golden BearsKantō Gakuin University Hurricanes9-14
9/10Waseda University Big BearsRikkyō University Rushers35-28
9/10Chūō University RaccoonsHitotsubashi University Crimson14-10
Week 2
9/23Meiji University GriffinsKantō Gakuin University Hurricanes33-10
9/23Waseda University Big BearsHitotsubashi University Crimson21-7
9/23Chūō University RaccoonsRikkyō University Rushers24-25
Week 3
10/1Meiji University GriffinsRikkyō University Rushers36-19
10/1NSSU Golden BearsHitotsubashi University Crimson6-21
10/1Chūō University RaccoonsKantō Gakuin University Hurricanes24-7
Week 4
10/16Meiji University GriffinsHitotsubashi University Crimson33-10
10/16NSSU Golden BearsRikkyō University Rushers37-19
10/16Waseda University Big BearsKantō Gakuin University Hurricanes48-7
Week 5
10/23Rikkyō University RushersHitotsubashi University Crimson21-0
10/23Waseda University Big BearsNSSU Golden Bears17-14
10/23Chūō University RaccoonsMeiji University Griffins17-20
Week 6
11/5Waseda University Big BearsMeiji University Griffins21-28
11/5Chūō University RaccoonsNSSU Golden Bears17-20
11/5Kantō Gakuin University HurricanesHitotsubashi University Crimson0-17
Week 7
11/12Kantō Gakuin University HurricanesRikkyō University Rushers7-28
11/12NSSU Golden BearsMeiji University Griffins27-24
11/13Chūō University RaccoonsWaseda University Big Bears42-37
Meiji University Griffins51017410415
Waseda University Big Bears42017912612
Nippon Sports Science Uni. Golden Bears3301131129
Rikkyō University Rushers3301401399
Chūō University Raccoons3301381199
Hitotsubashi University Crimson24065956
Kantō Gakuin University Hurricanes150451593
Conference B
Week 1
9/11Nihon University PhoenixYokohama National University Mastiffs67-6
9/11Senshū University Green MachineKeiō University Unicorns3-12
9/11Hōsei University TomahawksTsukuba University Excaliburs49-8
Week 2
9/24Tōkai University TritonsYokohama National University Mastiffs21-21
9/24Senshū University Green MachineTsukuba University Excaliburs14-3
9/24Hōsei University TomahawksKeiō University Unicorns34-0
Week 3
10/2Tōkai University TritonsKeiō University Unicorns8-23
10/2Nihon University PhoenixTsukuba University Excaliburs35-13
10/2Hōsei University TomahawksYokohama National University Mastiffs90-0
Week 4
10/15Tōkai University TritonsTsukuba University Excaliburs7-10
10/15Nihon University PhoenixKeiō University Unicorns14-31
10/15Senshū University Green MachineYokohama National University Mastiffs38-16
Week 5
10/22Keiō University UnicornsTsukuba University Excaliburs17-10
10/22Senshū University Green MachineNihon University Phoenix0-53
10/22Hōsei University TomahawksTōkai University Tritons55-7
Week 6
11/3Yokohama National University MastiffsTsukuba University Excaliburs10-73
11/3Senshū University Green MachineTōkai University Tritons10-7
11/3Hōsei University TomahawksNihon University Phoenix52-20
Week 7
11/12Yokohama National University MastiffsKeiō University Unicorns0-41
11/12Nihon University PhoenixTōkai University Tritons42-17
11/13Hōsei University TomahawksSenshū University Green Machine40-17
Hōsei University Tomahawks6004205218
Keiō University Unicorns5101246915
Nihon University Phoenix42023111912
Senshū University Green Machine330821319
Tsukuba University Excaliburs2401171326
Yokohama National University Mastiffs051533301
Tōkai University Tritons051671611
11/23Hōsei University TomahawksWaseda University Big Bears14-13
11/23Meiji University GriffinsKeiō University Unicorns13-30
Clash Bowl
12/4Hōsei University TomahawksKeiō University Unicorns56-3
Kōshien Bowl
12/18Hōsei University TomahawksRitsumeikan University Panthers17-14
12/10Kantō Gakuin University HurricanesMusashi Institute of Technology Helios28-20
12/10Tōkai University TritonsTeikyō University Assassins12-14

Chūō, Hitotsubashi, Hōsei, Meiji, Nihon, Nippon Sports Science, Rikkyō, Senshū, Tōkai, Waseda (all Tōkyō), Kantō Gakuin, Keiō, Yokohama National (all Yokohama), Tsukuba (Tsukuba).
In the Kantō League the winner gets three points.

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