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Kansai League Division I 2009

The Kansai League is the major college football league in West-Japan. The top three teams at the end of the regular season advance to the semifinals of the West-Japan championship. The winner of the West-Japan championship plays against the winner of the East-Japan championship in the Kōshien Bowl in December.
The college champion then plays against the champion of the X League for the national championship in the Rice Bowl on January 3.

Week 1
8/29Kōbe University RavensKōnan University Red Gang23-23
8/29Kyōto University GangstersKansai University Kaisers13-56
8/30Kwansei Gakuin University FightersKinki University Devils54-6
8/30Dōshisha University Wild RoverRitsumeikan University Panthers3-49
Week 2
9/12Kansai University KaisersKōbe University Ravens12-0
9/12Kinki University DevilsRitsumeikan University Panthers7-56
9/13Kōnan University Red GangKyōto University Gangsters21-14
9/13Kwansei Gakuin University FightersDōshisha University Wild Rover32-3
Week 3
9/26Kansai University KaisersKwansei Gakuin University Fighters17-13
9/26Kōbe University RavensDōshisha University Wild Rover14-34
9/27Kōnan University Red GangRitsumeikan University Panthers10-61
9/27Kyōto University GangstersKinki University Devils55-3
Week 4
10/10Kinki University DevilsKōbe University Ravens0-43
10/11Kōnan University Red GangKwansei Gakuin University Fighters21-55
10/12Kyōto University GangstersDōshisha University Wild Rover3-10
10/12Ritsumeikan University PanthersKansai University Kaisers7-14
Week 5
10/24Kwansei Gakuin University FightersKōbe University Ravens37-0
10/24Kinki University DevilsKansai University Kaisers10-59
10/25Dōshisha University Wild RoverKōnan University Red Gang14-10
10/25Ritsumeikan University PanthersKyōto University Gangsters27-3
Week 6
11/7Kwansei Gakuin University FightersKyōto University Gangsters28-27
11/7Kōbe University RavensRitsumeikan University Panthers10-56
11/8Kansai University KaisersDōshisha University Wild Rover46-0
11/8Kinki University DevilsKōnan University Red Gang22-36
Week 7
11/21Kōnan University Red GangKansai University Kaisers7-44
11/22Dōshisha University Wild RoverKinki University Devils24-14
11/22Kyōto University GangstersKōbe University Ravens14-9
11/23Ritsumeikan University PanthersKwansei Gakuin University Fighters7-31
Kansai University Kaisers7002485014
Kwansei Gakuin University Fighters6102507512
Ritsumeikan University Panthers5202637810
Dōshisha University Wild Rover430881688
Kōnan University Red Gang2411282335
Kyōto University Gangsters2501291544
Kōbe University Ravens151991763
Kinki University Devils070623270
Flash Bowl
11/29Kansai University KaisersMeijō University Golden Lions42-6
Kōshien Bowl
12/13Kansai University KaisersHōsei University Tomahawks50-38
Rice Bowl
1/3Kajima DeersKansai University Kaisers19-16
12/20Kōbe University RavensŌsaka Kyoiku University Dragons21-7
12/20Kinki University DevilsRyūkoku University Sea Horse20-14

Dōshisha, Kyōto, Ritsumeikan (all Kyōto), Kansai, Kinki (all Ōsaka), Kōbe, Kōnan (all Kōbe),
Kwansei Gakuin (Nishinomiya-Uegahara).

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