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Kansai League Division I 2006

The Kansai League is the college football league in West-Japan. The champion of the Kansai League plays against the champion of the Kantō League for the college championship in the Kōshien Bowl in December.
The college champion then plays against the champion of the X League for the national championship in the Rice Bowl on January 3.

Week 1
9/1Kansai University KaisersKinki University Devils7-3
9/2Ōsaka Sangyō University LionsRitsumeikan University Panthers3-42
9/2Dōshisha University Wild RoverKyōto University Gangsters17-20
9/3Kōbe University RavensKwansei Gakuin University Fighters10-40
Week 2
9/16Kwansei Gakuin University FightersŌsaka Sangyō University Lions58-0
9/17Kōbe University RavensRitsumeikan University Panthers21-52
9/18Kinki University DevilsDōshisha University Wild Rover21-24
9/18Kansai University KaisersKyōto University Gangsters0-17
Week 3
9/30Dōshisha University Wild RoverKōbe University Ravens23-27
9/30Kansai University KaisersŌsaka Sangyō University Lions20-6
10/1Ritsumeikan University PanthersKinki University Devils45-7
10/1Kyōto University GangstersKwansei Gakuin University Fighters10-36
Week 4
10/13Kyōto University GangstersRitsumeikan University Panthers0-37
10/14Ōsaka Sangyō University LionsDōshisha University Wild Rover13-17
10/14Kinki University DevilsKwansei Gakuin University Fighters7-48
10/15Kōbe University RavensKansai University Kaisers20-28
Week 5
10/28Ōsaka Sangyō University LionsKinki University Devils7-34
10/28Ritsumeikan University PanthersDōshisha University Wild Rover31-14
10/29Kwansei Gakuin University FightersKansai University Kaisers34-21
10/29Kōbe University RavensKyōto University Gangsters40-16
Week 6
11/11Kōbe University RavensKinki University Devils14-20
11/11Kansai University KaisersRitsumeikan University Panthers3-38
11/12Dōshisha University Wild RoverKwansei Gakuin University Fighters6-20
11/12Kyōto University GangstersŌsaka Sangyō University Lions6-0
Week 7
11/25Ōsaka Sangyō University LionsKōbe University Ravens10-29
11/25Dōshisha University Wild RoverKansai University Kaisers7-24
11/25Kinki University DevilsKyōto University Gangsters0-27
11/26Kwansei Gakuin University FightersRitsumeikan University Panthers16-14
Kwansei Gakuin University Fighters7002526814
Ritsumeikan University Panthers6102596412
Kyōto University Gangsters430961308
Kansai University Kaisers4301031258
Kōbe University Ravens3401611896
Dōshisha University Wild Rover2501081564
Kinki University Devils250851724
Ōsaka Sangyō University Lions070392060
Kōshien Bowl
12/17Kwansei Gakuin University FightersHōsei University Tomahawks43-45
12/16Ōsaka Sangyō University LionsRyūkoku University Seahorse16-44
12/16Kinki University DevilsKōnan University Redgang28-24

Dōshisha, Kyōto, Ritsumeikan (all Kyōto), Kansai, Kinki, Ōsaka Sangyō (all Ōsaka), Kōbe (Kōbe),
Kwansei Gakuin (Nishinomiya-Uegahara).

Kaisers win season opener

The Kansai University Kaisers won the Kansai League's opener of the fall season. They defeated the Kinki University Devils 7-3 in front of 1.500 fans at EXPO FLASH FIELD in Osaka. The Devils controlled the ball for 30 minutes and four seconds of the 48-minute playing time but the Kaisers took the lead with a 60-yard pass from QB Yasuhisa Moriguchi to WR Katsuya Nagakawa two minutes and 36 seconds into the third quarter. The Devils' only score, a 30-yard field goal, came with two minutes and 36 seconds left in the third period.
In other week one action the Kansai League's two top teams had little problems. The Ritsumeikan University Panthers defeated the Osaka Sangyo University Lions 42-3 with great performances by QB Masato Kinoshita and WR Naoki Maeda. Kinoshita opened the scoring with a 7-yard touchdown run and threw four touchdown passes, Maeda gave the Panthers a comfortable lead with two scores at the end of the first and the beginning of the second quarter. With seven seconds left in the first period he caught a 23-yard touchdown pass from Kinoshita and when the Lions were forced to punt on their next possession he returned the ball 52 yards for Ritsumeikan's third touchdown.
The Kwansei Gakuin University Fighters beat the Kobe University Ravens 40-10. After falling behind 13-0 early in the second quarter Kobe cut the deficit to six points with two minutes and 20 seconds left in the first half when RB Yohei Takeuchi caught a 15-yard touchdown pass. But the Fighters answered with a 89-yard kickoff return.
Relying on a strong running game the Kyoto University Gangsters opened the season with a 20-17 win against the Doshisha University Wild Rover. The biggest play of the game came with two minutes and two seconds left in the first half when RB Takuro Miyagawa turned a pass from QB Tetsuji Miyashita into a 57-yard touchdown for a 10-7 lead. That score came 59 seconds after a 15-yard run by QB Yasutomo Murakawi had given Doshisha a 7-3 lead.

Kansai League scores and standings

(Text: Dieter Hoch)

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