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Kansai League Division I 2004

The Kansai League is the college football league in West-Japan. The champion of the Kansai League plays against the champion of the Kantō League for the college championship in the Kōshien Bowl in December.
The college champion then plays against the champion of the X League for the national championship in the Rice Bowl on January 3.

Week 1
9/3Kwansei Gakuin University FightersKansai University Eagles37-31
9/4Kinki University DevilsDōshisha University Wild Rover28-21
9/5Kōbe University RavensKyōto University Gangsters7-20
9/11Ryūkoku University Sea HorseRitsumeikan University Panthers6-41
Week 2
9/19Kansai University EaglesKinki University Devils24-14
9/19Kwansei Gakuin University FightersDōshisha University Wild Rover52-7
9/20Ritsumeikan University PanthersKōbe University Ravens21-6
9/20Kyōto University GangstersRyūkoku University Sea Horse38-20
Week 3
10/2Ritsumeikan University PanthersDōshisha University Wild Rover42-7
10/2Ryūkoku University Sea HorseKinki University Devils14-13
10/3Kansai University EaglesKyōto University Gangsters17-13
10/3Kwansei Gakuin University FightersKōbe University Ravens48-14
Week 4
10/16Dōshisha University Wild RoverKyōto University Gangsters26-14
10/16Kōbe University RavensKinki University Devils26-13
10/17Kansai University EaglesRitsumeikan University Panthers21-41
10/17Kwansei Gakuin University FightersRyūkoku University Sea Horse34-19
Week 5
10/30Ryūkoku University Sea HorseDōshisha University Wild Rover32-10
10/30Kinki University DevilsKyōto University Gangsters20-17
10/31Kōbe University RavensKansai University Eagles3-35
10/31Kwansei Gakuin University FightersRitsumeikan University Panthers30-28
Week 6
11/13Kansai University EaglesRyūkoku University Sea Horse21-14
11/13Kōbe University RavensDōshisha University Wild Rover20-0
11/14Ritsumeikan University PanthersKinki University Devils35-21
11/14Kwansei Gakuin University FightersKyōto University Gangsters13-17
Week 7
11/27Kwansei Gakuin University FightersKinki University Devils30-9
11/27Kōbe University RavensRyūkoku University Sea Horse18-17
11/28Ritsumeikan University PanthersKyōto University Gangsters33-7
11/28Dōshisha University Wild RoverKansai University Eagles28-17
Ritsumeikan University Panthers6102419812
Kwansei Gakuin University Fighters61024411112
Kansai University Kaisers4301661508
Kyōto University Gangsters3401261396
Kōbe University Ravens340941546
Ryūkoku University Sea Horse2501251754
Kinki University Devils2501181674
Dōshisha University Wild Rover250992054
12/4Ritsumeikan University PanthersKwansei Gakuin University Fightersot 24-21
Kōshien Bowl
12/19Ritsumeikan University PanthersHōsei University Tomahawks38-17
Rice Bowl
1/3Ritsumeikan University PanthersMatsushita Denko Impulse7-26
12/11Kinki University DevilsKanazawa University Evergreen27-20
12/11Dōshisha University Wild RoverKōnan University Red Gang36-14

Dōshisha, Kyōto, Ritsumeikan, Ryūkoku (all Kyōto), Kansai, Kinki (all Ōsaka), Kōbe (Kōbe),
Kwansei Gakuin (Nishinomiya-Uegahara).

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